SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.1

Detects intruders on a network

Monitors your wireless network, scans all the devices connected to it and notifies you when it encounters an unknown device connected to the WiFi.

SoftPerfect Wifi Guard can monitor your Wi-Fi network to find intruders. Therefore, the tool cannot only prevent others from stealing part of your bandwidth but also protect your private data, such as files and emails. Despite the evident complexities of the processes running under the hood, the program is easy to use. However, just like most similar software, it has quite a plain interface.

The tool works quite unobtrusively. It just scans your network at given intervals and alerts of any unauthorized presence. You can set the frequency of these explorations and the maximum number of devices to scan in each session. Likewise, you can view data about all the connected devices, including their IP and Mac addresses as well as their RTT (round-trip time). Luckily, the tool supports using various network adapters. Moreover, it has the advantage of detecting even those devices with a firewall that prevents them from responding to ping.

In general, SoftPerfect Wifi Guard is a cost-effective way to provide additional protection to your network. In this regard, this extremely light software product supplements the work of other software, like antivirus programs and firewalls.

Pedro Castro
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  • Detects firewalled devices
  • Allows setting scan intervals
  • Works unobtrusively


  • Plain interface
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